Main Cast

Despair Darkmind The Hedgehog

(Hero of the Story)

Chryon MD-18

(Hero Support)


Caligo The Bat Alien

(Antagonist Support (Neo))

Okashi The Cheshire Dog

(Neutral, Antagonist, Hero Support)

Obsidian The Hedgehog


Team BDK


Side Characters

Kira The Demon Bat

(The Artists Sonic Sona, BG Character)

Vangard The Venusflytrap



(BG Characters)


(Info unavailable)

Team Blue Stipes

(Hero Support, BG Characters)

Karma The Jokester Demon

(Neutral, BG Character)


(BG Character)

Issy The Iguana

(Hero side support)

Team Breakout


Raze The V-Bat

(Antagonist Support)