Obsidian The Hedgehog

Characters and Art by Sinister aka Metal The Hedgehog / Metal Teccbad

Name: Obsidian The Hedgehog
Nickname: /
Species: Hedgehog
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Personality: Quiet, thinks a lot, enjoys silence and peace, but also loves explosions and Firework. Can be very aggressive and easily to provoke. Doesn‘t like to be touched. Likes challenges and to be challenged.
Goal: Freedom
Family: Despair (Brother), Neo (Brother)
Friends / Allies: /
Rival: /
Enemy: G.U.N. 

Abilitys: Psychokinesis, Telepathy, Telepotation, Chaos Energy, fast self healing
Explosive Energy - Gloves holding his Energy Back, when he snapping with his Fingers the Energy gets loose. He is fireing an Energy beam in the Direction he snipps, when this hits it's explodes.
He aged very fast within a few Month from Child to Adult and then stopped aging.

Redesign since 15.05.20

OLD Design und Story