What is a Masked Beast?
Masked Beasts are creatures of any kind that have made a contract with the original beast. They fall under the category of cursed and demons. This can affect animals of all kinds, feral, anthropomorphic, mythical creatures, shapeshifters or even other demons.

How is a Masked Beast created?

  • A being of any kind summons or arouses the attention of the demon of the masks.
  • The demon will ask the creature what it desires and if it is willing to pay the price.
  • If the demon accepts the answer, he will put on the creature a naked mask, which connects with the spirit and the soul of the being. A Masked Beast is created and an individual pattern appears on its mask.
  • The being receives individual skills from the mask, which depends on the individual itself.

A conscious decision and a strong desire or despair Everyone decides for themselves. No one gets a mask by offering someone else a sacrifice.

The original beast
In a long time ago, when great wars were raging, a species was threatened with complete annihilation. They were a peaceful tribe who did not want to participate in the wars. Her strongest protector opposed all powers, but he finally failed against the superiority and lost his life.
With his last breath, he conjured the ruler of the underworld and asked him for the power to save his people. He agreed and gave the protector a cursed mask, which gave him all the power he needed to destroy his enemies.
However, the price of this gift was high. The life and soul of the protector were forfeited. He was reincarnated as the demon of the mask. An eternal servant of the underworld who distributes masks to other beings and gives them the power they long for. As a price for this gift, however, they slowly lose themselves and ultimately their souls.

Info about the demon

  • His mask is the only completely blank without a pattern.
  • He is the only one who can create Masked Beaster.
  • The demon does not force a mask on anyone. He offers, but does not force anyone to accept the mask. It is everyone's free choice.
  • He is Neutral, a good being in the service of the underworld
  • Baby's, toddlers are not accepted by him
  • He does not forgive second chances. If a Masked Beast loses his life, it dissolves with his mask. The pact is fulfilled.
  • The pact strengthens the demon, and the soul is forever lost to the underworld as the Masked Beast dies or achieves the goal for which the mask needed it.

The Mask

Eye color:
Normal - white or black
Unusual - Colored, two different eye colors

Shining the complete eye socket as a bright energy point possible, but not often represented.

- Only one energy point per eye. It can happen that one eye has one point, but the other eye does not.
- Shining points also possible in the form of slits or crosses.
- No special shapes like stars, hearts or other symbols.
- Luminous dots must be recognizable as such in a lighter color than the eye socket itself. No black dots.

Only one color per "eye". Except for gradients.

Mask Color:
Basic color in white or black + pattern

Mask pattern:
Various patterns and colors possible. At most half the mask in one color.
EVERY mask has a pattern on the primary colors.

There is no mask without pattern.

The mask is a massive object and not movable. Emotional changes of the eyes is not possible. The mask is not a face.

Shapeshifters can not transform their Mask.

There are no 3D-dimensional objects on the mask.

Oval, oblong, flat. Consists of one part. The mask can break.

Eye holes:
The shape, position and number can vary. Eye holes are not movable.

There is no mouth in the mask. Possible markings are the look like a mouth or holes in the mask. None of them is movable!

The masks themselves have no eyes! There are holes in the mask with a membrane over it, which makes it impossible to see what is behind it.
They have no pupil or iris.
Only one color per "eye". Except for gradients.

The pattern of a mask is unique!
No mask is the same!

No recoloring of an existing Mask.
Similarities to other masks are allowed, if agreed before!

The Body

The size of a Masked Beast depends on the being. There is no limit here as the mask adapts to the beeing.

A Masked Beast does not age anymore! It's a cursed thing. Once it has adopted the mask it stays in the age in which it was. Babies or children are usually not cursed.

The body depends on the creature under the mask, which is additionally influenced by the mask. He can thus stretch far and look more demonic. The body gradually moves farther and farther to the demonic, the more often and longer the mask is worn.

(The MBs shown here are examples and therefore have no pattern on the mask.)

If a masked beast dies, the mask disappears along with the body.

Masked Beasts can not produce offspring.
The mask is an object and can not be inherited by genes!
MB + MB = NO Baby MB!

A Masked Beast can not create other Masked Beasts.

Additional Information
Many MBs lose themselves and their memory over time.

Initially, the MBs can still take off their mask. So they still have the choice. The more they uses them, the more difficult it becomes and in the end the mask becomes their face which they can't remove anymore. Likewise, the actual body begins to change more and more and is taken over by the mask. Many do not realize it and think they would take off the mask, but it is connected with one until death.

When they took of the Mask, it remains a solid object until it is removed from the hand. If this happens, it simply disappears, but can be evoked again by a conscious act.